4.3/5122 評價


Most probably the best hotel in Reykjavik, modern, new, everything in great condition and with a great location. That being said it is a very expensive hotel even for Icelandic standards. So let me start with the highlights of this hotel: - Very comfortable and great materials condition. - AC with individual room adjustable temperature is a great plus for Iceland. - I got the basic room and it felt big enough, modern and super clean. The bathroom was also big but there was no bathtub unfortunately. Great comfortable bed and sheets. - Le Labo bath products are truly amazing. One of the best I ever tried! I also appreciated that for ecologic reasons they weren't in non reusable small plastic bottles. - The rooms are silent and relaxing. I would change the black TV furniture as black always highlight the dust on it.. even when the room is nicely cleaned. - The breakfast is big and overall with good quality. But daily variation should be bigger. - The location is perfect to stroll along the shops and walking distance to the most important city spots. - The spa is beautiful and very interesting. Probably the most well designed small spa in a city hotel I have ever seen. Complimentary use of the spa is a very nice touch indeed. Although it was a really good expericence in no way this was a perfect stay specially when the price tag is considered: - The hall and corridors cleaning left too much to be desirable. At least at 3rd floor corridor there was dust, earth and stains that remained for the whole 3 night stay. It is strange as the rooms are really well cleaned (maybe it's a different team? maybe someone forgot that the corridors are also to be cleaned?). - The reception. It is always busy and sometimes feels chaotic at the proper hotel entrance. I also felt that some guest were treated differently and with more care. I got no welcome drink or even the suggestion to leave the bags. That's ok for me but then I realized the guest next to me was immediately offered all of this. I mean.. consistency is important at this level. - Hidden fees. Ok maybe it was a misunderstanding but when we arrived we were told that the hotel had valet parking only. But nobody told us the extortion each night of it. At the chekout there it was though. Also in the breakfast there was no specific tag with the champagne price but after I filled a glass with it a waiter quickly send me the bill to sign. I mean it is very bad to mix not included stuff in the buffet. Also every egg besides the scramble had a price tag. I mean for almost 700 euros a night is it reasonable to charge for a egg toast?. - The room curtains. Beautifull but totally off for iceland summer status (2-3hours of darkness). Light comes in in every curtain fold so it is impossible to cover it. Every night I woke up several times due to too much outdoor light in the rooms. This should be quickly addressed. It honestly really bothered me. - The spa only opens at 12h00 meaning you cannot use it





4.6/5104 評價
4.3/5102 評價
地理位置優越,我們在整個住宿期間都不需要坐出租車,因為我們處於中心位置(僅是前往景點的旅遊巴士)。房間很基本,但是很乾凈,而且好像我們待的時間不長,所以還可以。如果我們確定要長途旅行,那本來需要更大的東西。 大部分工作人員都非常樂於助人,但是早餐並不理想。如果您是素食主義者,而且每天早晨都流傳着這樣的食物,那麼報價就很少了,所以它變得非常重複,我們衹呆了幾天!我們確實決定在一個早晨去其他地方,因為即使我們已經預付了費用,我也無法麪對。
4.3/546 評價
4.5/562 評價
Perfect hotel in the prefect location, the hotel reception were very friendly and very helpful, the rooms were modern with the most comfortable bed you will ever sleep in. The breakfast had lots of choice and was beautiful, could not find a single fault with this hotel and would recommend you chose this hotel if you are thinking about visiting Reykjavik, which is very unique country with amazing landscapes and the most friendly happy smiley people you will meet.
4.2/587 評價
這家酒店地理位置優越,靠近雷克雅未克的老港口,這意味着許多主要景點都在步行距離之內。 。 。像海港本身,海岸漫步,鯨魚和北極光之旅,甚至Hallgrimmskirka都不太遠。它僅在3號巴士站的拐角處,而著名的廉價熱狗攤就在隔壁。 我們有一個高級雙人間,說實話,它辜負了描述。漂亮,寬敞,乾淨,最近以簡單的現代雅緻配色裝飾。淋浴也很棒!床又大又舒適。本來希望有更大的杯子和新鮮的牛奶,太太建議在梳妝台上放一麪鏡子,因為另一個人附近沒有插頭。除此之外,幾乎沒有任何缺陷! 酒吧提供精美的食物和飲料,並且在2月有交通特別優惠,因此您可以獲得漢堡薯條和2500冰島克朗的啤酒。 。 。大約15點(他們讓我們用啤酒交換了一杯自選葡萄酒)。冰島並不總是那麼貴!我們在那裡度過了一些愉快的夜晚。特惠之外的飲料價格昂貴,但這在冰島很普遍,畢竟這是一家優質酒店。提供相同或相似菜單的客房服務。 所有工作人員都很樂於助人和友好。 強烈推薦。
4.4/572 評價
我和未婚夫和我們的孩子一起去冰島旅行,並把這個星期用作我們的家基地。我們真的很想有一個有廚房的地方和一個地方,讓我們在他早睡後閒逛,所以這個公寓是完美的。我們能夠做很多飯菜,使用洗衣機烘乾機(謝天謝地,所有電器的手冊都在廚房的一個抽屜裏),並在客廳裏閒逛,而他睡在臥室裏。這個地方的位置很棒 - 就在主街上。我同意評論,提供的指示可以更好一點。基本上找一下就在彩虹街底部的冰瑪特旁邊的小隧道,穿過它,你就在那裏!這不是一家豪華酒店,正如其他一些評論似乎所預期的那樣,但它是一個非常適合服務和乾淨的公寓,位置優越。缺點:沒有內部停車場。我們沒有問題在 Hallgrimskirja 附近的學校找到免費停車和步行,我們也很快在停車場上裝載和卸載(我認爲是爲餐館,這就是爲什麼你不能在那裏停車)。我不太擔心,因爲我自己帶了浴室只有洗髮水和護髮素,沒有沐浴露。優點:自助入住很容易,讓我們在抵達時一大早就入住(我們預訂了前一天晚上,以確保我們可以入住)。位置很棒。我們沒有發現它太大聲,但從家裏給嬰兒帶來了一個小聲音機器,這樣可能與它有關。我們喜歡有一個洗衣機/烘乾機和洗碗機以及小廚房可以使用。淋浴有巨大的水壓!!!我們喜歡街角的乾淨明亮的克羅南雜貨店。總的來說,這是一個很棒的住宿,我會回到這個位置!